Bros, rejoice: the yearly Princeton Review party school ranking is upon us. The 2015 edition of The Best 379 Colleges features 62 top-20 lists that rank all sorts of university aspects, helping high-schoolers decide on a venue of higher education. That being said, the only ranking that matters to us right now is the party school ranking, and the top spot goes to the honorable partiers of Syracuse University, who take the top spot from the University of Iowa, 2014's winner. Rounding out the top 5 after those two are the University of California-Santa Barbara, West Virginia University, and the University of Illinois.

Syracuse also ranked highly in the sports scene ranking (3rd overall) and its student newspaper ranked 2nd in the country. However, those two rankings did not make the brass at Syracuse be less annoyed at the party school ranking, to which they replied that "we do not aspire to be a party school." If it were us, we'd embrace any publicity and the sure-fire increase in admissions that comes with it from the next generation of fist-bumping, keg-pounding bros. 

Other notable top spots on the rankings list go to Stanford (most LGBT-friendly), Washington University in St. Louis (best dorms), Virginia Tech (best dining halls), and Colgate University (most beautiful campus). On the other end of the spectrum from Syracuse was Brigham Young University, which keeps its crown as the most sober of all universities. We feel that they're probably more proud of that title over in Provo than the Orange were about their party rank.

[via USA Today]