Turns out the FBI isn't verrry niiice, according to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen

In an NPR interview unearthed by the heroes on Reddit, Baron Cohen says he was followed by federal agents while he was filming Borat, because the agency got so many calls about a suspicious Middle Eastern man. And the Kazakhstani hero wasn't the only one of Baron Cohen's characters that was under surveillance.

"There was a time, you know, I got so used to the police turning up. You know, with Borat, I think they came about 45 times. Sometimes it was the police, then the FBI were following us for a while. They had so many complaints that there was a Middle Eastern man ... driving through America in an ice cream van, that the FBI assigned a team to us. And so we had the FBI and then we had the Secret Service. But there were so many of these instances, and with Bruno as well, that for a while it would take about six months afterwards for me not to totally freak out whenever I saw a policeman."

And since it has been just long enough since everyone went around doing that Borat voice for him to be funny again, you can check out Borat sketches that have never been seen in the U.S. when Ali G Rezurection premieres on FXX Sept. 3.

Check out the trailer below: 

[Via Reddit]

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