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What is the correct title for a female pimp? Lady pimp? Pimpstress? Madam? Whichever one you want to go with, that's what Oprah will be playing in the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic. More specifically, she'll play Pryor's grandmother, the cruel and abusive woman who raised him in a brothel. 

The role of the legendary comedian will be played by Mike Epps. We've known that since Lee Daniels tweeted the above photo Sunday with the caption, "Get ready y'all- #MikeEpps as RichardPryor," but until today we had no idea what Oprah's role would be. According to TMZ, Oprah was desperate for the part because she wanted to show her "gritty side."

We're as shocked as anyone that Oprah claims to have a "gritty side," but now we're intrigued. 


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