Vin Diesel himself doesn’t have a ton to do in Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor doesn’t have a role on screen, instead voicing the massive tree-like Groot. The only thing Groot says the entire movie is “I am Groot,” so there isn’t a whole lot going on there, either.

However, with an international release like Guardians of the Galaxy, you of course will need dubbing. Ever the professional, Diesel eschewed bringing in a specialist and instead recorded “I am Groot” in a ton of different languages all by himself. The results were predictably awesome.

In addition to French (above), he also did:





What range! We can only hope that he brings these skills to future Fast & Furious movies, where he perplexes various foreign villains trying to take him down by responding in their native tongue, “I am Groot.”

[via EW]