These days actually waiting for something is unheard of. We all want everything handed to us in an instant. Want a car to pick you up in five minutes? Call Uber. Don’t want to wait for a waiter to actually bring you your check? Use Pay with Dash. Don’t want to wait twenty minutes for your first drink of the night to kick-in? Well now you don’t have to do that, either. We would like to introduce you to Vapshot mini.

Vapshot mini is a machine that allows you to inhale your liquor rather than actually drinking it. The machine, which is mainly for home or party use, works quite simply. All you have to do is pour your liquor of choice into the slot at the top of the machine and when the vapor is ready, release it into the handy dandy bottle that comes with it. Once the vapor is inside, stick a straw in and inhale.

The vapor will give you the instant buzz you want instead of waiting a while to feel the effects of a regular drink. For an extra kick, you can pour in an added shot into the bottle along with the vapor, or a mixer. We know that this may sound weird to some of you, but Vapshot mini says their machine is the only model lab-tested for vaporizing alcohol.

The machine also comes in two colors. You can purchase the white one for a measly $700 or the stainless steel one for $899 (extra bottles are $9 each). Vapshot may just be the future of adult beverages. Think about it this way, if your sucking up ethanol vapor at a party, it’s a hell of a conversation starter.



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