Tracy Morgan is now suing Wal-mart for last month's crash which severely injured the comedian and several others, while also killing Morgan's mentor, fellow comedian, James McNair .

The June 7 crash happened after a Wal-mart tractor trailer rear-ended the limo bus Morgan and his friends were riding in.

The lawsuit, filed in the New Jersey District Court, says Wal-mart should have known that its truck driver, Kevin Roeper, had been awake for over 24 hours when he allegedly fell asleep, hitting the limo.  In addition, the suit says the truck's collision-avoidance systems didn't engage at the time of the accident, something else Wal-mart should have also known about. 

Leading the lawsuit along with Morgan are McNair's widow Krista Millea, and two others injured in the crash, Morgan's assistant Jeffrey Millea and comic Ardie Fuqua Jr. 

Morgan and Fuqua continue to recover from crash-related injuries.

[via Deadline]

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