After a weekend that saw him get booted out of Cabaret and try to get into an olde-tymey boxing match with a stranger on the street, Shia LaBeouf appears to be making the next logical step: rehab.

According to X17 Online, the actor has jetted out to Hollywood and checked into a celebrity treatment center. He reportedly arrived there yesterday afternoon after landing in Los Angeles on Sunday, but it is unclear right now as to how long he’ll be staying.

Hopefully, he gets the help he needs. Because it sure seems like he needs a lot. 

UPDATE: According to his agent, LaBeouf is not in rehab. In a statement, he said:

Contrary to previous erroneous reports, Shia LaBeouf has not checked into a rehabilitation facility but he is voluntarily receiving treatment for alcohol addiction. He understands that these recent actions are a symptom of a larger health problem and he has taken the first of many necessary steps towards recovery.

 Um, hold on. What part of "voluntarily receive treatment for alcohol addiction" isn't rehab? Granted, there are other ways to receive treatment (AA, books, other support groups), but what of him checking into a rehab facility? Wouldn't that be the first step?

So many questions. But, as we said before, at least he's doing something about it. McDonald's patrons, it appears you are safe for now.

[via Vulture]