As if the “Rich Kids of Instagram” trend wasn’t obnoxious enough, we now have a new batch of pictures and reasons to hate spoiled teenagers with access to too much wealth. “Rich Private School Snapchats” is a new Facebook page depicting the lives to super-rich teens and 20-somethings living off of their parents’ money. Between luxury watches, expensive cars, and one-liners filled with arrogance, it obvious why people aren’t taking too fondly to the new trend. 

A 17-year-old chap from the U.K. launched the Facebook page where teens just like him can share photos of their extravagant lives. As expected the page came with its fair share of haters. People practically condemned the teens for exploiting their wealth on social media. However, that’s not the worst part of this entire debacle.


I created the page for entertainment purposes and meant no offense whatsoever.


Sure, it’s easy to get jealous of someone else’s money. However, the truly disturbing part here is that while these youngsters show off their money, they make fun of people who don’t have as much. One of the more prominent pictures of the page is a teen snapping a picture of public transportation and essentially calling the people who take it, peasants.

The unnamed lad who started the page quickly responded to criticism to try and defend the page. He says, “It is important to note that I would never, ever, judge someone based on their wealth.  I created the page for entertainment purposes and meant no offense whatsoever.”

If you haven’t seen the page yet, go ahead and check it out. You can be the judge.

[via Jezebel