Similar to the night before Thanksgiving (and Christmas Eve for everyone not in church), people like to party as a prelude to the Fourth of July. One party in D.C. aims to make the night memorable with a bit of "America, fuck yeah!" enthusiasm, as well as a refined approach to having a good time. 

The brainchild of MLK2Madison and Mr. Rusty Ryan, it's called "New Rules," a play on Independence Day's purpose, as well as a declarative statement about the evolving culture in the District. Then, of course, there are a few party guidelines. For example, do enjoy yourself, yet don't be that person who drinks straight Hennessy all night on an empty stomach. 

It will be held at Liv Nightclub (2001 11th St. NW) from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m., and DJ Alizay, Spinser Tracy, Main Squeeze, and Afroboy will handle the music.

Lastly, be prepared to sweat. It's hot.