"There is no assurance that if we did that we wouldn't end up with moo goo dog pan or moo goo cat pan. There is no way to assure that money will not be wasted when it's sent to foreign countries."

In the midst of the steady tide of Tea Party racism against Blacks, Latinos, and Arabs, Louie Gohmert, a Texas representative who has a penchant for pulling racist shit out of nowhere, dropped a statement about Asians to spice things up. What prompted Gohmert's worry that we would end up funding Chinese pet cuisine? Gohmert aired this grievance after Congress passed the "The Great Cat and Rare Canids Act," which helps preserve animals like wild African dogs and snow leopards. Picking a favorite offensive Louie Gohmert quote is about as challenging as choosing a favorite child, so feel free to head over to Salon and choose for yourself.