A Minnesota man was arrested for allegedly shooting his teenage neighbor multiple times, all because she asked him to stop venturing into her yard with his lawn mower. 

According to the Star-Tribune, authorities in Bemidji, Minn. say Chad Pickerling, 40, shot his 17-year-old neighbor three times on Monday night after she told him to stop riding his lawn mower through her yard. The teen told police that Pickerling returned to her home, waited for her to exit, then proceeded to shoot her in the ankle, thigh, and chest. 

She was able to crawl back into her house, where she phoned 911. Police arrived to find three used .45-caliber shell casings in the yard, then found a .45-caliber pistol inside of Pickerling's home. Pickerling, who the girl said regularly carried a holstered weapon, was charged with attempted first-degree murder. 


[via The Star-Tribune]

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