If you love Curb Your Enthusiasm, you’ve likely been anxiously waiting since 2011 for new episodes. The only problem is that Larry David has kind of blown up since then, and has been engaging in pretty much any kind of project except making more Curb.

You can count HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo as one of the people who wants a ninth season of the show, and isn’t satisfied with David’s other ventures like his HBO movie Clear History and an appearance in The Three Stooges. Lombardo said that he ran into David at an event recently, but David told him he didn’t have any Curb-related plans this year.

However, do not despair. Per Lombardo, “I said, ‘So, David, should I emotionally get Curb out of my head?’ And he goes, ‘No, no, no, no, no.’ As long as he’s thinking about it, we still have a place for it.”

And so do we, Michael, so do we.

[via Vulture]