Bruce Willis is one of modern Hollywood's true Renaissance men.

From his days co-starring in television's Moonlighting, to his now iconic role as John McClane in 1988's Die Hard, to his tenure as that white guy who got away with playing harmonica in an embarrassing blues band in the mid-'90s, Bruce Willis simply drips capability and range. In a move that most Hollywood A-listers are all too familiar with, Willis has taken his very recognizable face overseas to proclaim his deeply-held belief that Japanese car manufacturer, Daihatsu, is the only Japanese car manufacturer he identifies with on a deeply personal level.

Bruce Willis joins the ranks of George Clooney, Uma Thurman, and Brad Pitt as celebrities that are paid unholy amounts of money to endorse products in the Asian market. While we're certain that Willis was paid a healthy six-figure sum for his appearance, we can make one desperate plea for him to return to his commercial roots. Please, please, please talk to whomever you need to and bring back Seagrams Wine Coolers.