Blog Genre: Celebrity Op-Ed Machine

Writing is a craft and not everyone is good at it. Internet commenters remind me of that every time one of my posts goes live. This seems like a common sense statement, yet every publication from The Huffington Post to The New York Times is dead set on going against this idea. These sites have found that the celebrity blog post can yield the kind of page views that actual writers could only dream of, and as such, they have begun to fill their pages with posts from celebrities from all walks of life. When The Wall Street Journal released a Taylor Swift's op-ed this week, I got just as excited for it as I would have if you told me that my favorite writers at Grantland had formed a band: not very.

Sorry not sorry, but we're going to pick on James Franco. While most celebrity op-eders limit themselves to a bi-annual post when it's most expedient for their careers, Franco can't be stopped. Chris Gayomali at The Week has put eight examples of Franco's worst writing together in hopes of convincing us that the celebrity op-ed needs to come to an end. Though Chris has done God's work here I would like to offer up Franco's essay on Shia LaBeouf "Why Actor's Act Out," (See what he did there?), written well after Mr. Gayomali's piece, as another candidate for a Worst American Internet Writing anthology.

In Gayomali's examples, your boy Franco offers up hot takes like this one on Girls, "I agree that Internet discussions about nothing are all too prevalent these days, but I also think that it's valid to ask what popular television shows say about us as a society." I hear you James. Would you go as far as to say that you like stuff, but also kind of don't like stuff too? Or would that be too bold?

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