Techies with an affinity for fashion might have something amazing to look forward to.

Apple has just hired its third major player from the fashion industry: Patrick Pruniaux, the former Vice-President of Sales at Tag Heuer, announced his department from luxury company LVMH last week and subsequently, his pending role at Apple.

Pruniaux isn’t alone. Apple also hired Angela Ahrendts of Burberry, and Paul Deneve of Yves Saint Laurent to join the company. Although we don’t know exactly what roles they'll play at Apple, something tells us the sudden departure may have something to do with the pending release of the iWatch.

Poaching employees from big league fashion companies may act as a catalyst for taking Apple into the luxury worl. Should Pruniaix assist in the iWatch launch, well known companies such as Rolex, Google, Samsung and Pruniaux’s former home, Tag Heuer, may have more competition than they originally intended.

With a team of genuinely knowledgeable fashion insiders, we can only hope that the iWatch will truly dazzle when it’s released. Perhaps even becoming the go-to watch or fashionistas everywhere.

[via NY Mag]