The warm numbing blanket of nostalgia has been spread across the Internet to make us all feel a little bit better about the world we live in. This is nothing new. The Tea Party and their Reaganing is just the middle-aged equivalent of the millennial nostalgia for toys and cartoons. Whether we worship the stuffy masculinity of the 50s or the extreme snacks of the 90s, nostalgia offers us an easy escape from the problems of today. Of course, we view nostalgia through rose-colored glasses; that's the point.

A number of other comedians have pointed out that things weren't actually that great in prior eras; whether we're talking about the 90s, the 50s, or the 1860s, every era has its horrors. Clickhole makes this satirical statement rather elegantly. With these lines about the Furby, Clickhole may have landed on one of the most scathing indictments of nostalgia satire has yet managed, "He was cuddly, he was cute, he was...some kind of owl?? All that mattered: Furby was your best friend! The September 11 terror attacks changed that forever. When those towers went down, something in you died forever and now Furby is nothing more than some fluff and plastic. 'Boo-dah toh-toh!'"