A 2-year-old girl who was reported missing in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon was found drowned in a Brooklyn pond yesterday.

ABC New York reports that Ruhshona Kurbnova followed her 3-year-old cousin into the water near Prospect Park's Boathouse. The children went missing around 1 p.m., and after a thorough search, the NYPD's Scuba Unit pulled the girl from the water at roughly 6 p.m. 

The girl's uncle, Dekzod Isokov, told the New York Post that eight or so family members were grilling in the park yesterday when the children vanished. "They walked off and we didn’t know," he told the Post

According to the Post, her mother, Yulduz, was so distraught that she had to be carried away on a stretcher.

[via ABC New York and New York Post]

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