"Winner": Highest Fees: Comcast
Worst Value: AT&T 
Worst Hidden Fees: Verizon and Time Warner 
Dumbest Names for Speed Tiers: Time Warner 

In this category, all the major ISPs have their sins. The company that offers the most expensive plan is Comcast. For $114/month you get the same speeds that Time Warner offers at half the price. They add a number of meaningless benefits to this service in hopes of tricking your parents into purchasing it, including "access to Wi-Fi hotspots" (which doesn't have any impact on your home Internet), "Constant Guard Online Protection" (which sounds like it does absolutely nothing), and email storage far inferior to a product that Google gives away for free.

Verizon and Time Warner only offer their more competitive pricing for the first twelve months of service. Time Warner's site doesn't tell you exactly what your Internet costs will be after that first year, while Verizon is kind enough to let you know that you'll see a $20 hike in Internet fees after the first year. AT&T has the cheapest high-end plan at $30/month. This is because they can only provide high-end speeds of roughly half of what the other providers can offer. Time Warner gets an extra strike against them for having tiered plans straight out of a Mountain Dew Commercial including "Turbo" (20Mbps)," "Extreme (30Mbps)," and "Ultimate (100Mbps)."