The City That Never Sleeps is also The City That Never Stops Draining Your Money, be it from your bank account, Venmo surplus, or the Visa gift card your aunt sent you for Christmas. Chances are you've had more than one moment when you stumble out of the bar, only to realize you have five bucks left in your wallet and haven't eaten dinner. Of course this will inevitably lead you to the familiar arms of your local deli, for the same bacon, egg, and cheese that you’ve had, what, fifty times this year? A hundred? 

Come on. Grow up. You’re a person of taste, a connoisseur of flavor! You should be eating $5 goat and $1 samosas, not setting your sights on the same old BLT. Because you deserve better, we scoured New York City to find you the delis with the tastiest and cheapest meals. In the spirit of Steve Ells, the founder of “fast-casual chain” Chipotle, we like to think of this food as gourmet-on-the-go. You’ve run out of excuses: Drop that shitty sandwich and head to one of these next-level bodegas. 

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