A recent study conducted by University of Pennsylvania researchers aims to debunk the accepted belief that marijuana makes you pass right out, drifting off into a peaceful, THC-induced slumber. 

After gathering information about the sleeping habits of 1,811 people, they were drew these conclusions: 

The users reported higher rates of sleeplessness and drowsiness compared with nonusers, and the most affected group were participants who started using the drug at an early age. Those who experimented with marijuana before the age of 15 were twice as likely to report severe sleep loss, even if they had cut back on the drug on later in life, a finding that surprised researchers.

Before you get riled up like you haven't slept in days, know that, as with any study, the results here are subjective. The good news is that there's weed-infused coffee to kick-start mornings and balance people out through the course of the day. It'd probably be one hell of a remedy for the inevitable 3 p.m. post-lunch crash that'll leave you drooling on your keyboard to much embarrassment.

[via Time]

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