Everyone has done it at some point. You're getting bombed with artillery in World of Tanks before you can move from the spawn point or getting a low knife in Call of Duty: Ghosts, at some point we all rage quit. Take that damn controller and wing it out the window. Only to complain that it doesn't work as well anymore.

Now here is the proper way to rage quit an online game. Throw the server! In a competition at tech company SpeedLink in Japan, engineers compete in a version of the Olympic Games. My favorite event? Server toss. The point of the games, according to the company, is to “liven up the engineering industry.” I'm guessing that means software industry and not the builders of the $5,000 servers they're smashing up. However I've never seen a better way to rage quite. Light the world on fire and watch it burn.

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[via Tomomi Ota, Kotaku]