Live in San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Philadelphia, or Chicago?  You probably have an iPhone.  At least according to mobile application data management company Crittercism.  The folks at the San Francisco-based outfit compiled the above report to back up much of what many of us have already noticed: tech cities love Apple.

On the other hand, people in cities less focused on technology like San Antonio, Phoenix, and Detroit tend to skew more towards Android devices.  Who knew Robocop was Android-based?

Whether these statistics are a result of product cost, social pressure, user age, or all of the above isn't mentioned, but what we do know is that Android still remains to U.S. leader in the mobile market despite Apple's influence over many tech-savvy areas of the country.  Which is quite the feat when you consider how strongly Apple is preferred over its Google counterpart in places like Manhattan and San Francisco.


[via Recode]