Apple lovers are getting a lot of love back from the tech giant with week. Apple announced that it would be slashing its prices for the entire iPod Touch line by as much as $100. The change, going into effect on Thursday, will bring the 64-gigabyte Touch down to $299, the 32-gigagbyte to $249 and most impressively, the 16-gigabyte model will now be $199.

Apple didn’t stop there. It also added new features to the cheapest 16-gig Touch in order to keep it on par with the other models. The music player will now feature a rear facing camera as well as an array of new colors including pink, yellow, blue and red as part of the (RED) campaign to raise money for the fight against AIDS.

The price slash should come as no surprise as iPod sales have plummeted after the recent release of Apple’s latest iPhone. To boost sales, Apple is going as far as doubling up on storage in $50 increments as oppose to the usual $100 price tag. 

The change gives users a reason to not count Apple’s iPod out just yet. Even though the product has been seeing its lowest numbers in years, it still racks up billions of dollars worth of revenue for Apple. According to CNET, in the 2013 fiscal year Apple sold 26.4 millions iPods which brought in at a generous $4.4 billion in revenue. 

Hopefully the new Touch line, which features a 5-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a 4-inch retina display, and a front facing camera will get the iPod back to the music device of choice it once was.  The new generation iPod Touch will launch in the US today and worldwide in the near future.


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