Ever wanted to be a mountain? In David OReilly's new game, you can. OReilly may not be someone you recognize by name, but his fictitious game design in Spike Jonze's Her certainly turned some heads late last year. Now he's doing it again with his new game Mountain, where you take on the role of a mass of rocks and trees. The game was announced at the Horizon indie press conference Thursday.

So how does one go about being a mountain, exactly? Apparently by OReilly's design you answer some strange "open-ended" questions by drawing pictures, at which point your own custom mountain is generated, complete with its own day/night cycle, personalized vegetation, snowfall and weather and other mountain-related features.

Amidst the hubbub of brassy action games, it's nice to conceptualize this so-called relax-em-up, which you'll soon be able to do for $1 on iOS, Mac and PC on June 21. Who wouldn't want to be a mountain?

[Via The Verge