Obviously, Orange Is the New Black doesn't capture exactly how prison is. If it did, there'd be a lot more people trying to get in. It seems like fun! Sneaking around the guards, making buddies, falling in love, yoga classes, and such, what's not to love? Yeah, you might get clobbered with a combination lock or piss off the warden enough that she makes your life hell; and sure, you don't get to spend time with your family, set your own schedule, or have the joys of the outside world. But you do get three meals a day and you have a lot of time to get creative.

Orange Is the New Black is like a wet dream for mini-MacGyvers. Nobody says prison life is easy, but these little life hacks might make your day go a little more smoothly. So, grab your toilet wine and read the list because, if you're ever caught in a jam or a jail cell, some helpful household products can go a long way. 

Hope Schreiber is a freelance writer and recently incarcerated for being too beautiful. She tweets here

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