A father with a complicated past sees his daughter kidnapped. He uses his old set of skills to free her. Menacing one-liners are exchanged between the father and the kidnappers.

Does this all sound familiar?

No, we’re not talking about Taken, Taken 2, or what can only assume is also the plot for Taken 3. This is in reference to The Prince, and upcoming film that takes the daughter/kidnapping element and brings it back to the United States.

Jason Patric plays a mechanic from Mississippi with a haunted past, and Bruce Willis plays a man who Patric once seriously wronged in some way. Patric’s daughter gets involved, and Willis has her kidnapped. Also starring are John Cusack as Patric’s supportive friend and 50 Cent in what looks like a role as one of Willis’ henchmen. Weird group.

The movie comes out in theaters and VOD on August 22, and you can check out the trailer above.

[via Vulture]