The automatic sperm extractor (or as it’s more lovingly referred to: the hand job machine), first raised eyebrows in 2011. With a price tag of $2,800, men around the world started looking at their bank accounts to see if they had the three grand to spare. The company behind the sperm extractor, Sanwe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., built the machine in order to extract sperm from donors in a non-traditional way.

The pink, grey and white machine has a massage pipe at the front, which can be adjusted to match the height of its user. The user controls speed, frequency, amplitude and temperature.

According to the Daily Mail, the director of the urology department at Zhengzhou Central Hospital said the machine was being used by infertility patients who are finding it difficult to retrieve sperm the old fashioned way. The machine also features a video screen for “inspiration."

The sperm extractor is now being used at a hospital in Nanjing, China. Something tells us they’ll have slightly more donors than usual in the coming months.

[via Uproxx