The iWatch is approaching ever closer, and though Apple hasn't even officially gone on record to say that it exists, we already have some more details as to what the company might have up its sleeve.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is planning to release more than one iWatch, each coming in a different design. Additionally, they'll be fitted with more than 10 sensors, which will help it be used as a device that can measure well-being and track fitness. The sensors could include anything from an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, compass, heart-rate monitor, altimeter or a light sensor. It's also thought that Apple is looking into other ways that the device is able to charge, like solar or motion-powered charging, so plugging in the device will be occasional rather than often. Reuters reports that it will come with a 2.5-inch rectangular screen.

There's a theme here, if you haven't noticed: the company is truly trying to make the iWatch separate device that can standalone from the iPhone or iPad, and not just an iPhone crammed on your wrist. Rumors say that the iWatch will be released this October.

[via Wall Street Journal]