There is a good chance you went the long distance route because you and your partner are at different stages in your life. For example, one of the most common long distance scenarios is one partner is still in college while the other enters the working world. This means that one person is living in a protected dream world of booze and philosophy while the other is coming to terms with the harsh realities of student loan payments and slum lords. It's often said that you can't make anyone change; it is equally true that you can't stop someone from changing. Whether one of you is in college and the other is working, one of you is floating through your twenties while the other is starting their career, or one of you finding yourself while the other is settling down, it is important to be frank with each other about how you're evolving. Sometimes reuniting after a period of long-distance isn't just asking someone to move, it can be asking someone to fundamentally change who they are. Surprisingly, that doesn't turn out so well.