Writer: Andrew Helfer
Artist: Chris Spouse

We’ve seen the origin of Two-Face told and retold numerous times in TV, movies, and comics, but Batman Annual #14 is unique because it focuses solely on the character of Harvey Dent without the inclusion of other villains vying for the spotlight. The story begins with how Batman, Gordon, and Dent all came together and agreed to take down crime in Gotham once and for all.

At first, this process works beautifully, but eventually the pressure and long-buried mental traumas begin to creep up on Dent—leaving him completely unstable. This all comes to a boil when Dent famously gets scarred by acid and transforms into Two-Face.

But writer Andrew Helfer digs deeper than that as he explores how Harvey’s psyche was scarred well before his physical scarring. It’s a character piece that reveals that these villains aren’t just born evil; they are slowly turned that way thanks to the unforgiving world around them.