Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Artist: Darwyn Cooke

No other story has completely stripped Bruce Wayne down to his most basic psychological essence as Batman: Ego. After a wounded Batman sees a small-time crook kill himself rather than deal with the Joker or the police, he returns to the Batcave a shaken man. Losing pints of blood and dealing with a severely separated shoulder, Bruce Wayne is suddenly confronted by…Batman?

But this vision of Batman that Bruce confronts isn’t the heroic Caped Crusader we have come to know; instead, it’s Wayne’s unfiltered id attempting to gain control of his body and fight crime through the use of lethal justice. Many writers have touched on the basics of Batman’s personality throughout the years, but Cooke is the only one to break the man down in such a concise, intellectual manner.

Cooke’s use of Wayne’s id, ego, and super-ego never feels heavy-handed or forced, and it serves to make us look at the character in a way we haven't before. This is a battle of the mind, so if you want to really know what makes Batman tick, look no further than Ego.