Just a few years ago finding a Stone Arrogant Bastard or a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA at your local bar was cause for celebration. But now that America has collectively embraced the hop-infused punch of craft beer, what used to be special has become the norm. Still, even if you've tried every "aggressive" ale out there, you're probably still on the hunt for new experiences.

Enter: Sour beer, an ultra-intense class of brews that gets its character from a long aging process and wild lambic yeast. These beers have been made in Belgium for hundreds of years, but American breweries have begun pushing the technique to wild new places. While first-timers may think they taste vaguely like Pixie Stix (and hey, they sort of do!), give them a chance and they could quickly become your standard order. Here are 10 of the best you can find right now in the States. Pucker up!

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