Alan Wake developer Remedy has released a new teaser trailer and a few details about Quantum Break, their upcoming Xbox One exclusive action-adventure. Teased the past, Remedy head Sam Lake confirms in the video that Quantum Break is a mix between an action-adventure game and a TV show, with each side's narrative paralleling the other, following the protagonist and antagonists of the game world, respectively.

There's also a little bit of new footage of the game itself, which will be making its gameplay debut at this year's Gamescom. There's not much to say about what's shown other than that it takes more advantage of the Xbox One's graphics than most games to date, and seems to follow Remedy's penchant for crazy production values and art direction that pops.

Lake has always leaned towards film-style exposition, so it'll be interesting to see how this Quantum Break TV show thing works (are these full-length episodes? Did they hire a TV production company? Is it included in the game? And who is writing it?) 

It all sounds like an interesting experiment, to say the least. The game will be out in 2015.

[Via Youtube