Between Netflix's hundreds of b-list movies, and the two-week-old episodes of Family Guy on Hulu, there's slim pickings when it comes to finding quality content to stream on a Friday night in. That's where Popcorn Time comes in.

It's a free program that let's users stream torrent movie and TV show files instead of downloading them with programs like BitTorrent (which doesn't make it any less illegal.) While it's been available for the Mac and PC for a few months, it's now ready for download on Android devices as well, and works (almost) as smoothly as the desktop version. Obviously, Google won't let it up in the Play Store, but you can download it here, if you so choose. Remember, even if you don't have Android, you can still get the desktop version at the same link. Now hurry up and invite bae over.

[via Popcorn Time]