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Being unique is important, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. There's nothing worse than walking into a party and having the same graphic tee on as five other guys. At that point, you've just confirmed you shopped at Urban Outfitters and the "vintage one-of-a-kind" overpriced tee you thought was special was actually mass produced and sold in hundreds of stores around the country. Luckily there are design visionary startups like Apliiq that see the value and future of custom design by way of technology.

Created by Ethan Lipsitz in 2008, Apliiq is a one-of-a-kind custom clothing e-commerce site that allows people to be as creative as they want with their clothing and accessories. Their name "Apliiq" comes from the French word "Appliqué," which means "to apply."

Ethan explains, "It's not printing and it's not tailoring or altering the fit. It's appliqué (app-lee-kay) - the process of stitching fabric on top of a garment to embellish it." Therefore, the quality of the fabric is much higher than a shirt that is, for example, screen-printed.

Every detail and fabric is sown and hand-cut before leaving their downtown Los Angeles location. Despite their startup size, Apliiq as a brand that has grown tremendously in popularity and demand. 

Check out actor Adam Devine from Workaholics, rocking his own custom corn doggery kangaroo pocket.

Apliiq's new Kickstarter campaign launched today and their mission is to raise $25,000 in order to purchase a new laser cutter and additional materials to keep up with the demand. Since their launch, they've been able to hand-cut all of their fabrics, but because of their growth, they've decided to invest in laser technology to provide a customer controlled appliqué customization experience

For more information on Apliiq, check out their Kickstarter here. You have a month to back Apliiq in their quest to spread custom fashion, and design clothing that'll be uniquely yours.

[via Apliiq]