Looks like Spider Man just couldn't hang. 

The Seth Rogen versus Zac Efron comedy Neighbors beat out The Amazing Spider Man 2 for weekend supremacy at the box office.

It was an unusually steep drop-off for a big superhero franchise in only its second week, with Spidey taking in $37 million, compared to Neighbors $51 million in ticket sales in its opening weekend.

Spider Man 2 has taken in an estimated $550 million worldwide so far. 

Superheroes aren't usually kind to Rogen (see: The Green Hornet), but the success of the young-grownups -versus-the-fraternity-house-next-door flick only proves once again that Rogen is a master of R-rated comedy success. 

It also gives us an opportunity to note that Neighbors is so funny, that what sounds like one of its funniest scenes, an elaborate, special effects-filled Civil War reenactment with frat brothers shooting bottle rockets out of their pledges butts, was cut from the movie. Rogen described the scene, which even required stunt men, and his dislike of Justin Bieber, in an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week:

Another comedy, the Cameron Diaz's The Other Woman remained in third place in its third week of release, taking in $9 million. 

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