50 Shades of Grey has inspired men to start buying sex toys, says the Daily Mail. While vibrators have become about as standard as televisions in women's homes, dudes have traditionally been slow to the idea that they need extra help tugging one out. Even so, Lovehoney, Britain's largest sex toy manufacturer, says that's already started to change.

Lovehoney says that sex toy sales to men have soared since 2012, apparently due to the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey. So much so, in fact, that the male sex toy market is predicted to be the fastest-growing area of the sex toy industry this year. To capitalize on the new demand, Lovehoney just launched a new line of "mainstream" male sex toys which includes the "Stamina & Enhancing Pump" and "Stamina Sleeve" designed to "intensify a solo sex session and train him to last longer in bed." 

While the company's logic makes sense, I still have a hard time imagining these products going fully mainstream. ("Dude, have you jacked it with a Stamina Sleeve yet?" isn't exactly water-cooler conversation material.) That said, if putting your boner in a thermos actually makes you better in bed, the more power to you. 

[via Daily Mail]

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