If you're a fan of racing games outside of the mainstream like Gran Turismo and Forza, you're probably familiar with Codemasters Racing, the games of which tackle niches from rally to formula one. With their latest edition of Grid, Codemasters has taken five racing styles for players to delve into, and with the game's summer release date approaching, they've rolled out a new trailer for the game's Black Edition.

Grid Autosport's Black Edition's streamlined bonuses are less all over the map than they were in the last game, this time including an exclusive car (a Mercedez Benz SLS AMG Black Series), new liveries and additional sponsors with their own objectives, among others. More to the point, the seventh-gen exclusive Autosport looks darn fine on old hardware and appears to measure up to Codemasters hardcore racing pedigree. It's out next month for PS3, Xbox 360 and Steam.

[Via Youtube