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Two students were arrested at a Brooklyn elementary school for putting rat poison in a teacher's water, authorities say.

The New York Times reports that the incident took place at P.S. 315 in Flatbush Monday. The students, ages nine and 12, were arrested yesterday after the parent of a child who witnessed the students slip the poison into the teacher's drink called the school to warn administrators.

By then, the teacher was already experiencing nausea after drinking the water. She took the bottle to the principal's office, went to a private doctor for treatment and is recovering. The following day, she filed a report at the 70th Precinct.

After confirming to the Times that a "small amount" of rat poison had been placed in the water bottle, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton attempted to explain what motivated the children to do something so horrible. "My understanding is the 9-year-old wanted to see what the reaction would be. God knows where kids get these ideas."

[via New York Times]

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