Watch Dogs revealed the first downloadable content (DLC) and season pass for the yet-released open-world hacking game. The trailer details a new single-player story with T-Bone, the dreaded redneck hacker who sports extra weapons and a new play mode that looks like a version of a Zombie mode but with a twist.

The Zombie mode, according to TotalXBox, is actually a take on the cult classic They Live staring Rowdy “Roddy” Piper, and as in the film, the zombies only appear when the player puts on the special glasses.

Watch Dogs drops on May 27, but already has a sequel in the form of a digital novel, a movie in the works, and a DLC all before the game drops. What do you think? Does T-Bone remind you of someone near and dear to your Grand Theft Auto heart?

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[via TotalXBox]