UPDATE: Last week it was speculated that Dominic Ansel Bakery—famous for the Cronut—had been shuttered by the Department of Health due to a rodent problem. Now the details are in. Gothamist reports that the DOH had found "several hundred mouse droppings" on the premises.  

While that information may sound dire (not to mention really gross), Amy Ma, a rep from the bakery, told Gothamist that the DOH didn't actually find any live mice.

"The DOH did not find a single mouse or any rodent here at all. So much of what they cited as 'evidence of infestation' were cracks and holes on the walls that they saw as structural risks." 

The bakery is waiting for a re-inspection, which could happen as early as today. Ma also noted that the mouse droppings were not found in the area where food was prepared. 

All our kitchens are opened so people can see the entire food preparation process in full view and our commitment to quality and cleanliness. Please note that none of the mice droppings were found in our kitchen areas where food preparation is done. And there were ZERO mice or any rodents found by the DOH."

Hopefully the bakery fixes its issues so we can all munch on Cronuts and Cookie Shots in the near future.

[via Gothamist]

Eeeeek! Bad news for all you Cronut fans out there. Eater is reporting that Dominique Ansel Bakery has been closed today by health inspectors, possibly due to a rodent problem

While the bakery usually sports a stellar "A" rating, an earlier health report also stated that there was "evidence of vermin" on the premises. Though the new report hasn't been made public yet, it's probably not a coincidence that just yesterday Gothamist posted a video of a mouse hiding beneath some pastry trays.

Though anyone who has worked in a restaurant will tell you that spotting a mouse or two isn't cause for too much concern, hopefully Ansel and his team get the place up to snuff soon. Until then, check out City Guide's recent trip to the bakery where we got a taste of Ansel's latest hit creation, the Cookie Shot. 

[via Eater]

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