Remember back in January when someone leaked the script to Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight and then Gawker leaked it to the world and Tarantino got so upset that he shelved the whole project? Now that he's had time to cool off, Tarantino has decided to put on a script reading that will cost $200 a ticket and will take place in downtown LA tonight.

$200 may seem like a hefty asking price, especially if it's just a straight read through with no acting involved, but Samuel L. Jackson will be there.

As expected, the security measures for the reading have been taking very seriously. According to Deadline, "Organizers have treated Film Independent’s staged reading of Quentin Tarantino’s latest script The Hateful Eight like a national security matter, restricting things like cell phones and computers and staying mum on casting ahead of Saturday night’s event. But I have confirmed that Tarantino staple Samuel L Jackson will play a part at reading set for the Theatre at the Ace Hotel in downtown LA. What role he might read remains unknown, but it begs the question what other Tarantino regulars might also participate in the event."

[via UPROXX]