It was another contentious week in the tech world, with President Obama’s FCC head proposing a rule ending Net Neutrality by allowing ISPs to charge different rates to different sites in order to reach customers. Elsewhere, Google+ architect Vic Gundotra announced he was leaving the company alongside company plans to stop forcing users to connect their various YouTube and Google services through its languishing social network. But underneath the weighty political headlines, the tech world churned onward in its weird and colorful fashion. Here’s a collection of some of this week’s most interesting stories that you might have missed, from Saudia Arabian drifting videos to lab-grown human skin.

Michael Thomsen is Complex's tech columnist. He has written for Slate, The Atlantic, Billboard, and is author of Levitate the Primate: Handjobs, Internet Dating, and Other Issues for Men. He tweets often at @mike_thomsen.