A dispute between NYC strip club Scores and a New Jersey cardiologist has gone all the way to the Manhattan Supreme Court, reports NBC New York

Dr. Zyad Younan visited Scores New York four times over ten days and somehow racked up a bill of $135,305 in food, drinks, and "services." Apparently the doc put it all on his company's Amex card, but when the charges arrived (no doubt a bit steeper than he expected), he claimed that Scores' employees had drugged him or that he wasn't in the club at all.

Assuming Scores is correct about the charges in this situation (they have video of him attending all four dates), Dr. Younan's debacle still begs some interesting questions, most importantly: Why was he buying food at a strip club? Then again, sometimes you just want all-you-can-eat lobster and a lap dance at the same time, I guess. 

[via New York Daily News and NBC New York]

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