We are Blackwater-deep in another season of Game of Thrones and that means it’s time for all of those GoT experiences you know and love. Thinkpieces about the show’s representation of women and misogyny? Check. Spoilers and complaints about spoilers? Check. And of course, the A Song of Ice and Fire readers have returned to shower us with winking hints we never asked for, complaints we don’t care about, and a smug sense of superiority for having red five entire books. *Begins to slow clap*

Sorry that we’re a couple weeks late with this, but we’ve been busy dissecting the Purple Wedding Zapruder film and drawing straws to see who has to write our Jaime/Cersei thinkpiece to do pretty much anything else GoT-related. But now, we finally have time to pay our respects to the book readers out there. The TV-show watchers send their regards with Shit People Who’ve Read the Game of Thrones Books Say.

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