Nothing like affluenza to save the wealthy from the struggles of common folk and piss the common folk off at the same time. 

The New York Post claims that NYU president John Sexton turned two campus apartments into a duplex for his son, Jed, while the university was experiencing a housing shortage back in 2002. Jed Sexton, 33 at the time, moved into the building in Greenwich Village with is wife after his father had two individual one-bedroom apartments typically reserved for law school faculty merged to create a duplex. 

No, he was a not a student or otherwise affiliated with the university at the time, in case anyone was wondering. What's more, the report adds that the university was suffering an extreme shortage of housing availability at the time.

John Beckman, a spokesman for the university, noted that Sexton and his wife paid rent while they lived there, but he would not divulge the exact amount. They eventually moved out in 2007, opting for a million dollar home out in Connecticut. 

It gets that nice when you live that life, even at the expense of the less privileged.

[via New York Post]