As you may or may not know, April happens to be STD Awareness Month. In fact, you may even remember our recent article explaining what to do should you contract an STI. In a similar vein, news upstart Vox has collected some seriously disturbing facts about herpes. Their argument: You probably have it. I probably have it. We all probably have it. So let's make out, I guess? 

Though the headline is sensational, they may have a point. The likelihood that you have genital herpes increases with age, there's a higher chance that you'll contract it if you're single, and 80% of people with genital herpes don't know it. Yet while those facts are all true, Esquire was also careful to note that, just because a news website says you have an STI, doesn't actually mean you do. (But hey, you very well could.) 

Check out Vox's infographics below, which should further inspire you to make the call to go get tested. Seriously, do it. 


[via Elite Daily and Vox]

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