A Florida fisherman has been crowd Lord of the Outdoors after catching an 11-foot mako shark that weighed an astonishing 805 pounds

The New York Post reports that Milton, Fla. resident Joey Polk battled with the beast for an intense hour as the shark pulled out 2,700 feet of line. Polk told the Houston Chronicle that the shark yanking line from his reel easily at "easily 60 miles an hour." 

Remarkably, this isn't even the biggest shark Polk has caught. The Post adds that Polk, who comes from a family of fisherman, caught a 950-pound tiger shark back in 2010. 

The obvious question is what did Polk do with the fish (which was too big to fit in the back of his truck)? He normally allows his catches to return to sea, but the mako sustained too many injuries, so he cooked it and fed it to his neighbors. 

The shark reportedly fed 200 people. It's the circle of life. 

[via New York Post and Houston Chronicle]

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