You remember Flappy Bird, right?

The mobile app that polarized the internet and forced the creator of the app to pull the game down amidst accusations of plagiarism and art asset theft. The game itself was a clone, but since the game's removal, dozens of clones of clones have sprung up to take its place.

Meet Flappy Yeet.

Another clone, this time starring the #YEET kid from the now infamous Vine video. Lil Meatball AKA the #YEET Kid has been turned into the titular Yeet who Flaps. Seriously.

The game currently has over 100 reviews on the App Store and is rated at three and a half stars. Some choice selections from the customer reviews:

"Flappy Yeet has made me a better man."

"This game is simply amazing. Do you like to eat? Then you should download Flappy Yeet."

"This game is life. Life is nothing without Flappy Yeet."

Purchase the game here if you feel so compelled to actively participate in tearing a hole in the fabric of reality.

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