Urban Farmer, Founder of Love & Carrots

Meredith Shepard is literally turning Washington, D.C. green—one organic garden at a time. She took her passion for sustainability, organic food and farming and turned it into a opportunity for entrepreneurship. Housing in the heart of D.C. is unique in that there’s space for gardening, but in this insta-age it often seems like a daunting task for the average city dweller to get a garden started.

Shepard supplied a business for the need in Love & Carrots. They design, install, and maintain organically grown vegetable gardens, for personal use and for businesses. They’ve revolutionized gardening in a small, seemingly unsustainable space through years of experience and specialized irrigation installation.

The city’s taken notice of Shepard’s green mission as well, winning the 2013 Mayor's Award for Sustainability for being a D.C. Sustainable Food Leader. Love & Carrots isn’t just about installing gardens, it’s about passing on the knowledge of why it’s important to go local, and create opportunities for folks to grow their own food.